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Kayak tours with guide in Menorca

Discover the coast of Menorca and make the best kayak routes with an experienced guide that will surely make you and your friends spend a lot of fun and unforgettable moments, showing you the richness of Menorca’s coastline. An ecologist tourism, conscious with the natural environment, perfect for couples, family and friends. You do not have to have any previous experience.

  • The Kayak is one of the most popular activities in Menorca
  • Enjoy with Campervan Menorca by kayak through Cala Mitjana
  • Enjoy Trebaluger Creek in Kayak with CamperVan Menorca!
  • One of our routes passes through the Trebaluger river, ideal to know the wildlife of the place
  • Enjoy crystal clear waters in Menorca with the kayaks of CamperVan Menorca
  • You can sign up for our excursions from minors to adults
  • Visit hidden landscapes of Menorca, for example caves accessible by kayak
  • Travel the Trebaluger River as a group and enjoy a fun evening in the middle of nature
  • Enjoy excellent water caves that can only be visited in Kayak
  • Kayak with CamperVan Menorca
  • Kayak on the island with CamperVan Menorca
  • Discover an incredible environment on the island with CamperVan Menorca
  • Incredible caves and landscape practically unknown by many, await you in Menorca with kayak
  • You will see high rocks in the course of the crossing on the coast of Menorca
  • Sail in the crystal clear waters of Menorca with Campervan in Kayak
  • Sail the river of Trebaluger upstream and discover the nature that surrounds it!
  • You will visit amazing aquatic caves in Kayak with CamperVan Menorca. You will have fun!
  • Discover marine life doing Snorkeling near the Menorcan coast with CamperVan Menorca

Excursions with monitor-guide in KAYAK SIT ON TOP
(open self-emptying) double + 1 child

Kayak excursions prices

4 hours
€ 45 /adult (group,more than 6 people, € 40/ per person)
Kids 4 to 12 years old, € 30
6 hours
€ 60 /adult (group,more than 6 people, € 50/ per person)
Kids 4 to 12 years old, request prices
** It is a must to know how to swim ** 

4 hours route from Cala Galdana-Mitjana Visit includes: 6 caves, natural areas, virgin beaches and snorkelling.

6 hours route from Cala Galdana-Trebaluger (the same as the previous one, with more time to rest and enjoy Cala Trebalúger and venture in its river with the kayak).

Departure from the jetty located at the mouth of the river of Galdana in Passatge Riu
GPS coordinates: 39.9388382, 3.9573439 or N 39º56.317´, E 3º57.441´

We also have other alternative routes through various points on the island.
The price for the route INCLUDES material and insurance and a cold isotonic drink.

IT IS RECOMENDED TO BRING: water, snack, hat, sunglasses, water shoes, t-shirt, sunscreen, towel, diving goggles and clothes to get changed.

Take a souvenir of this unforgettable experience with our photography service from € 30.

Transfer service (we pick up the clients at the Hotel or agreed place , we take them to the starting point and we return them to the Hotel.
Up to 8 people, check our rates.



Kayaks rental

According to the needs of each client and type of route we offer two types of kayak:

KAYAKS SIT ON TOP (open self-emptying) double + 1 child

They are very stable and safe for beginners and simple routes, ideal to spend a pleasant day with your partner, friends or family. (no previous experience needed)

Includes: Watertight drum, life jackets, oars, chairs.

Rates kayaks sit on top

1 day 2 days 4 days* 1 week *
€ 50 € 90 € 125 € 155

*€ 20 per extra day.
* Includes map, waterproof backpack and removable paddle.

Delivery/ collection  in Sant Tomàs and Cala Torret 

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CROSSING KAYAKS (closed with 3 watertight compartments) Individual

They are fast, stable and light, allowing you to make longer routes. Perfect to discover part of our coastline or even make the return to the island. It is necessary to have experience.

Includes: Lifejacket, rowing, blankets, bilge pump, sponge, armchair.

Crossing kayaks rates

Teach basic notions 1 day (more than 4 h)  2 days  4 days* 1 week*
€ 50/1pax/2h € 45 € 75 € 125 € 155

*€ 20 per extra day.
* Includes map, waterproof backpack and removable paddle.

We can also take you to the starting point and pick you up at the point of arrival, so you can do the stages you want at your own pace comfortably.
Check our rates, maximum 8 people.

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Paddle surf rental (Stand up paddle)

  • From CamperVan Menorca we offer Stand-Up Paddle rentals
  • From CamperVan Menorca we offer Stand-Up Paddle rentals
  • With the rental of inflatable kayak, you can go to the beach that you like to practice this activity
  • You can visit caves near the coast of Menorca on Paddle Surf in a simple way
  • Enjoy great days on the Paddle Surf board with CamperVan Menorca

If you want to have fun in the coast of Menorca, this is a good way to do it with a Paddle
Inflatable Surf. It comes in a backpack that includes an inflator. It occupies little space to store it and offers comfort in transportation. It's fun and easy to use.
Go to your favorite beach and in a few minutes your table will be ready to enjoy.
We also teach you the basic technique of use.

Paddel surf rates

1/2 day 1 day         2 days        1 hour
€ 30 (4h min. 2 paddle) € 40 (more than 4h) € 70 € 30 (to teach basic technique, min. 2 people)

Transportable backpack, inflator, board, life jacket, rowing and leash.
Delivery and collection service in the area of Ciutadella.

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